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I want share to all people who work or owner of garment factory, before purchase new or 2nd plotter many think to be consideration like price and agent service, but most of people forget or not understand about specification or technically.

Very important think before purchase plotter :

1. Type of plotter : Pen plotter/ Inkjet Plotter, Flatbed or stand-up

2. paper and ink/pen requirement (Type and price) because it’s consumable part category

3. Maximum width and weight of paper

4. Number of printhead for inkjet type (related with speed)

5. Paper output system, 1 option or 2 option ( drop on the floor or roller only)

6. Manual book for Maintenance and Troubleshooting

7. Control System like Cleaning system for inkjet, Speed optional related with printing quality, Motor servo or stepper,

printing management (queue list), and Head control for inkjet more than 1 head (if 1 head problem, machine can

manage/ control number of head on or off, machine still can run)

8. File format of Plotter (HPGL, DXF, DMPL, etc), it’s important think if we use many cad system of future plan


9. Electricity requirement

10. Warranty detail (labor or and parts)

Information, qustion, etc

Please contact to


fitrian.syah@gmail.com, fitz@fenix-technologys.com


YM. zeeandlee

Skype : syah fitrian

QQ : fitrian

FB : Garment pattern and marker


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