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Most CAD Format File

April 9, 2010

Most CAD Format File

1. *.MDL/ IBA/ VET (Pattern File Lectra)

2. *.PLX/ PLA (Marker File Lectra)

3. *.PDS/ DSN (Pattern File Optitec)

4. *.TMP/ CTL (Pattern and Marker File Gerber Accumark)

5 *.MRK/ DSP (Marker File Optitec)

6. HPGL/.PLT ( Plot File)

7. DXF (Drawing Exchange Format)

8. AAMA (American Architectural/ Apparel Manufacturers Association, similar file with DXF)

9. etc


EXPORT ZIP (File tmp) at Accumark V.8.X.X

April 9, 2010

1. Open Accumark Explorer

Buka Accumark Explorer

2. Chose Piece of Style by cursor

Pilih Piece atau Komponen Pola yang akan di export (bisa lebih dari satu piece)

3. File, Export zip

Pilih File, terus pilih Export zip.

4. Fill in File name and SAVE

Isi File Name dan SAVE (Tentukan Folder tempat penyimpanan)

5. OK, If You Export Model, Chose Including component

OK, Jika Export Model, Pilih Including Component agar komponen/ Piece ikut di EXPORT juga.

6. File tmp, can be open by Accumark/ Gerber and other Software

File tmp bisa dibuka dari Gerber/ Accumark dan Software lainnya yang support file ini.

7. If you have problem, please contact by email to :