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July 29, 2009



List of Pattern and Marker Maker Expert in Jateng

July 28, 2009

1. Mr. Maskuri, PKM
2. Mr. Heri, Morich
3. Mr. Hadi, Norwest
4. Ms. Triza, Citra
5. Mr. Tri, PKM
6. Ms. Lusi, Arindo
7. Mr.Joko, ISG
8. Ms. Wulan, Rodeo
9. Mr. Narto
10. Mr. Parjo, Richtex
11. Mr. Timbul and Mr. Rahmat, Westa
12. Mr. Feri, Rodeo
13. Ms. Umi, Sainath
14. Mr. Fathola, Norwest
15. Ms. Jumi, Samkyung
to be continue

cutting plan

July 28, 2009

Winda marker cad system including cutting plan, no need buy other software.
It is valuable feature for customers for efficiency and productivity.
detail information contact to 08886460300

Winda Cad-Cam

July 18, 2009

Winda Cad-Cam is new Cad-Cam System from China, Winda has completed System (Software, Plotter, Digitizer, Spreader, Auto Cutter, Pattern Cutter, Laser Cutter) for any kind Industry like Garment, Shoes, Furniture, Automotive, etc.

For All Garment Industry in Indonesia I am very recomend to use this System. I have compare with All competitor for Cad System. This System very easy to operate for operator (Patern Marker/ Marker/ Grading).

You need detail information contact to 08886460300

Best Regards